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June 06, 2022

How Will Geofencing In Richmond Work With Home Security?

Modern home security solutions are becoming more capable every year. But, unfortunately, you may still fail to complete easy security chores like turning on your a home security system, lowering the garage door, or even securing your front door.

How would you feel if you didn’t have to worry about these tasks in the future? With geofencing in Richmond, you don’t have to.

What is Geofencing In Richmond For your Security System?

Geofencing generates a virtual perimeter a set distance from your property, which you may set up in your smart security app. This convenient tool then utilizes your mobile device to determine when you cross the perimeter and then triggers pre-programmed actions or notifications.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing is made possible by z-wave, a wireless communications standard that smart implements utilize to communicate with one another. This technological advancement takes smart home devices further by putting all devices onto one, unified network. You are then able to draw a virtual “fence” along the perimeter of your property and program particular actions when you cross the specified border.

For example, when you leave your premises, you could set your security system to lock doors, lower the garage door, and arm your alarms. Then, when you come back home, geofencing can alert your system to disarm alarms, elevate the garage door, turn on lights, and even change your smart thermostat.

These are a handful of the components you may manage with geofencing:

● Lighting

● Connected thermostats

● Surveillance cameras and your system’s alarm

● Electronic devices including speakers or TVs

● Garage door sensors

Custom Geofencing, Schedules, And Scenes Are All Possible With ADT Control

Geofencing is only one of a variety of ways to use your home security system in Richmond. When accessing the security app, you can reap the benefits of smart home automation. With just a few taps of your phone, and you have the opportunity to:

● Set schedules: program your smart devices to activate at a specific time. Have your lights start to dim to indicate that it's time to turn in for the night, or deactivate your home’s alarm when you get up.

● Control device interactions: Make specific equipment engage when another element is triggered. Instruct your thermostat to switch on the fan when the CO detector trips. Or illuminate your hall’s smart light when your surveillance system notices unusual motion outside.

● Preprogram scenes: Make custom room scenes with components that function in concert with each other. Make your lighting turn off, the temperature go down, and the smart door locks engage when it's time for bed. Or program the system for movie night with specific lighting and thermostat adjustments.

● Geofence your security: There may be times when you fail to arm your alarm if you're running late for work. With geofencing capability and your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch on the alarm and lower the garage door.

Get Started with Geofencing in Richmond

Whether you’re looking for extra peace-of-mind of a completely secure residence whenever you leave or you would like to take advantage of home automation, geofencing is a wise choice. Speak with one of our representatives today at (804) 294-0619 or send in the form on this page to get started on your optimal security system.